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Automation & A.I. 

Productivity, By Your Command

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Even with the best productivity tools and processes, every organization has tasks and processes that are repetitive or suck valuable time from doing the work that keeps you in business. BlueDesert can help by working with you to build A.I.-powered automation solutions. Offload common approvals or reviews to a workflow. Get common questions answered by a bot instead of your best performers. BlueDesert will get the A.I. working on the basics, so your team and focus on greatness.

Workflow Automation

Your team should be laser-focused on what matters. BlueDesert can help you automate the rest. Streamline repetitive tasks. Build paperless processes so you can focus your attention where it will have the biggest impact. BlueDesert deploys time-saving workflows for everything from individual tasks to large-scale systems with seamless integration into the tools and processes you are already familiar with.

BlueDesert Workflows use

A.I. Bots

Empower your workers and customers by unleashing the machines. With remote work becoming a norm, there has been a huge surge in virtual communication and conversations between businesses and their employees. Organizations are using bots to help employees with common issues—whether it’s an HR bot to help employees update benefits, a payroll bot that can help answer questions about pay stubs, or a back-to-work FAQ bot that helps answer common employee questions on staying safe as they return to the workplace.

Agent Bots Drive Productivity in Organizations

Learn how organizations gained productivity and reduced the operational burden on HR and helpdesk employees using bots, like those built with Power Virtual Agents technology, and Microsoft Teams in this commissioned Total Economic Impact™ study.

Up to 34%

Reduction in requests requiring assistance


Reduction of IT and support-ticket workload in the first year



Successful answer rate on employee requests/questions