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Many organizations view security as something that begins and ends with anti-virus protection. However, threats to the I.T. security and continuity of your work are increasingly more sophisticated and varied, with many of them using your own technology to manipulate the very people your organization relies on. BlueDesert Consulting will customize solutions that not only secure your email and cloud storage, but provide protection and insight for the customer and trade secrets that are the lifeblood of what you do. Additionally, we can deploy and customize compliance solutions that ensure that you and your staff are prepared for both regulatory compliance and litigation defense.

Securing Your Small/Medium Org

  • Assessment of your business processes and infrastructure

  • A 360 review of your security and compliance requirements

  • Identify gaps between where you're at and where you need to be

  • Configure security tools and settings to protect without getting in the way

  • Deploy compliance tools that protect you now and grow with the regulatory environment

  • Train the right staff on your new tools, so they are empowered to secure and protect you in the future

What We Do:

Security & Compliance Evaluations

A broad range of evaluations based on your needs to secure your people, devices, communications and data. We'll help you protect what your organization depends on

Access & Identity

Deploying tools to grant the right access to the right people at the right time on the right device. Multi-factor authentication, single sign-on and dedicated admin accounts all can help hunt-down and curtail risky activity

Best Practices & Training

Custom-tailored best practices and training documents. Helpdesk and how-to content designed for your organization and how it gets things done, wherever they are


Cloud, On-Premises, Anywhere In-Between Security Architecture

Wherever your stuff lives, BlueDesert can get it to the cloud securely, enhance the security of your on-premises systems or any combination that works best for your org

Adoption & Rollout

Quickly solve your unique security and compliance needs such as device security and management, encryption or data loss prevention


Track and tweak compliance with regulations, legal protection or any specific rules your organization needs to follow. 

Security & Compliance Expertise


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