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Employee Experience 

Your Business, Empowered

Work Collaboratively. Build Community. Improve Productivity

The time workers spend with each other, partners and customers is valuable. Maximize it by bringing all of them together around a shared vision with great communications and collaboration experiences. Boost their productivity while building a community of employees unbound by location or device.

Chat & Meetings

Empower the friction-free, rapid communication for your team by adopting a single powerful, secure, cloud-first platform. Meet with anyone within or outside your organization anytime, anywhere on any device


A key to productivity is knowledge. Know where the right information is. Know who has the right information at the right time. Know what's going on with projects, events and the organization at large by deploying an Intranet that works directly with the tools your employees are already have.

Content Management

An overlooked, critical element of a digital workplace is understanding where things and people are. BlueDesert can help your small/medium sized organization implement an Enterprise Content Management solution to stay organize the content, people and knowledge that keeps your business going.

Employee Experiences Utilize


Microsoft SharePoint