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Kolab Pricing

A tailored process. Off-the-rack Pricing

Customized solutions. Pricing that makes sense.

In keeping with our values of Candor, Curiosity and Inclusivity, BlueDesert designed the Kolab process to deliver customized technology solutions through repeatable, easy-to-understand processes. You chose what you need from our service and module offerings to tailor the solution and the pricing to what your organization needs. 

Buying Kolab

The Consult


Every BlueDesert Kolab engagement starts with with a consultation. We get to know what you do and how you do it. Then we walk through the Kolab and Microsoft cloud platforms to show you how they can make your business thrive. 

Pick your Parts


When we know what you do, we'll help you pick the Kolab applications to get it done. If you need Microsoft licensing to get started, we'll use our partnership with them to rapidly get you the access to the Microsoft cloud you need.

Pick your Services


BlueDesert keeps it simple. After selecting your apps, every Kolab customer gets to choose the services they need to for Kolab to be its best at their organization. Service options include:

  • Corporate Branding

  • Data Migration

  • End-User Training

  • Yearly App Updates

Saas or Own?


Microsoft 365 is licensed in a SaaS (Software as a Service) model. Kolab customers have the option of managing their Kolab app costs either in a one-time, owned format or in a yearly, SaaS subscription model. BlueDesert will discuss the benefits of each when we get to know you during the consult step

Putting it Together


With the ingredients to your digital workplace in-hand, BlueDesert goes to work installing and configuring the Kolab apps and services you need to win. Every Kolab build comes with clear, easy-to-understand documentation to help your team after we pass the cloud baton to you

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